Sunday, January 23, 2011

Catching Up with Supernatural

Watching Supernatural was not my thing during the first several seasons of the show because of my obsessions to all the police drama series like the CSI's, NCIS's etc. Aside from House M.D. and have not followed some new TV show until recently when I added Lie to me, The Big Bang Theory, Nikita and Supernatural.

On the case of Supernatural, I just finished thirteen episodes of first season and still gonna watch the succeeding seasons and episodes as the story has become very interesting. I was disappointed on some of the episodes and some did made my laugh because of the brother "wackiness" despite the show's serious nature. As of this writing, I am still watching the succeeding episodes as to understand the more the story of the Winchester sibling in their search for their father who is in personal mission of revenge against the one responsible for the death of his wife and the boy's mother.

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Good Times with Mo Podcast is back in Full Force

The original Good Times with Mo podcast was launched during the early months of 2009 and the show concept was basically the same as with the ongoing morning show with the same title but with no restrictions. However, the show only lasted for 13 episode. Fast forward to 2011 as the new and improve "Good Times with Mo" podcast was re-launch on January 11, 2011 ( or 1/11/2k11 for trivial purposes) with Mo Twister still as host, a resident doctor in Dr. Gan and an array of special guest(s) everyday. 

As usual, the show is all about relationships, sex and other topics as caller from different parts of the country (and the world) call in to participate on the discussions.

If you want to listen to the Good Times with Mo podcast you subscribe on iTunes or download the episodes (both video and audio) on Mo Twister's official website.

Back with a Vengeance

It's been so long since I plan to update this entertainment blog of mine and I have been watching some movies and T.V. shows that this blog will be frequently updated. Although I already have a "police drama TV show blog" I will be posting blogs my other TV shows that I regularly follow like House, Nikita, Lie to Me and just recently Supernatural and  newest rendition of Being Human.

I'll be reviewing some movies that I have watched over the weekend (or during the week depending on the mood I'm in). I will be reviewing some iOS and online and social media games that I like and will do a short review about each games.